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Contact: Mr. Zhou

TEL:18068056866  Mr.Zan

ADDRESS:Kunshan Company: No. 61, Chengming

Road, Kunshan City
Changzhou Company: No. 968, Chenfeng Road,

Jintan District, Changzhou City

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Jiangsu SYD Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.


The company was founded in 2012. Since its establishment, the company has mainly focused on precision molds, precision fixtures and parts processing of automation equipment. In order to provide customers with more precise, fast and superior service, the company specializes in the processing of various precision plastic parts in quality, technology, management, equipment, materials and FANUC injection molding machines.


Business philosophy: integrity, enterprising, realistic, rigorous

● European and American quality, Asian prices

● Customer orientation, excellent service

● Integrity, pursuit of innovation, striving for first-class



● Machining (precision mold / fixture)

● Automation (assembly/detection, etc.)

● MIM(3C / wearable products / automotive / medical, etc.)